Byron, CA (March 22, 2019) – On Friday, the Byron-Bethany Irrigation District (BBID) and West Side Irrigation District (WSID) jointly issued a public review draft of a Municipal Service Review (MSR) and Sphere of Influence (SOI) related to a planned consolidation with between BBID and WSID.

The report addresses major issues of service delivery and efficiency and includes an analysis and a written statement of conclusions, for multiple factors, including growth and population projections for the affected area, disadvantaged unincorporated communities, present and planned capacity of public facilities, financial ability of the agency to provide services, opportunities for shared facilities, and more.

The two Districts have been working collaboratively with interested stakeholders in both service areas for quite some time. The planned consolidation would help secure greater water reliability and improve delivery efficiencies.

The public review draft will be sent to the San Joaquin County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) for review. The full report is below.