California Municipal Public Finance Authority

Byron Bethany Irrigation District (BBID) has taken action as a Charter Member to form the California Municipal Public Finance Authority (CalMuni PFA). Local agencies can now benefit from lower costs and ease of execution in funding public purpose projects, helping to improve water reliability and efficiency.

What is the CalMuni PFA?

The CalMuni PFA is a political subdivision of the State of California, established under the Joint Exercise of Powers Act for the purpose of issuing tax-exempt and taxable conduit revenue bonds for public agencies throughout California.

CalMuni PFA Benefits

Capital Markets Access: The financing team at CalMuni PFA has decades of experience working with all of the topmost experienced municipal banks and lenders to ensure best pricing and structure to meet the financing needs of cities, counties, and special district.

Standardized Process: CalMuni PFA utilizes standardized documents and processes to save contractors time and money.

Quick Response: The CalMuni PFA provides an interest rate quote within 4-5 business days.

Transparent PricingLearn financing costs up-front with no hidden fees.

100% FinancingYou can borrow 100% of equipment and capital improvement costs, preserving valuable operating cash.

Simple and Efficient ProcessThe program utilizes standardized form loan documents, which keeps costs low and reduces transaction processing time.

Fixed Tax-Exempt Interest RatesFixed tax-exempt interest rates are available with terms ranging from three to twenty-five years. Tax-exempt rates help keep your financing costs low.