WATCH: BBID Uses World-Class Tech to Conduct Major Pipeline Test

WATCH: Byron-Bethany Irrigation District (BBID), working with its engineering firm Hazen & Sawyer and global firm Pure Technologies, conducted a state-of-the-art pipeline test.

The test, which took place over several days, assessed the condition of the raw water pipeline to Mountain House, the growing community’s sole source of water supply. Results will be announced in several weeks.

California Water Library Launches

WATCH: Byron-Bethany Irrigation District produced a video highlighting the features of the California Water Library, a new initiative from Chris Austin, founder of Maven’s Notebook – one of the most widely-read water industry blogs. BBID previously made a donation to help the new site launch.

“The California Water Library provides easy, organized access to information about California water, including industry reports, journal articles, scientific research, legal rulings, maps, images, and more so that scientists, policy makers, and managers working in the California’s water industry can access the information needed to make informed decisions about the state’s most precious natural resource,” Austin said. “The California Water Library fills an unmet need within the California water community by consolidating a broad set of content in one, easy-to-use website.”

The Beauty of Harvest

WATCH: With harvest in full swing in California Agriculture, Byron-Bethany Irrigation District’s growers are busy picking, harvesting, and packing.

In this video featuring several of BBID’s growers and workers, get a glimpse at how California farm fresh fruits and vegetables get to your local grocery store.

BBID, WSID Partner With Cal Poly to Test Pumping Accuracy

WATCH: Byron-Bethany Irrigation District, which is currently managing the West Side Irrigation District, proactively partnered with the Cal Poly’s Irrigation Training & Research Center to test WSID pumping accuracy.

Cal Poly’s Irrigation Turnout Calibration Unit helps irrigation districts ensure they are complying with strict state regulations and provides independent calibration of irrigation turnouts. The program is sponsored by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Mid-Pacific Region.