Byron-Bethany Irrigation District Releases Information That Resulted in Subpoena Issued to State Water Resources Control Board

Byron, CA (February 18, 2016) –On February 5, 2016, Byron-Bethany Irrigation District (BBID) issued subpoenas to the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB). The subpoenas request information regarding SWRCB’s authority to conduct criminal background checks on BBID’s elected board members and/or general manager. The subpoenas were issued because BBID has information indicating the SWRCB requested a criminal background check of one of BBID’s elected Board members, Board President Russell Kagehiro.

On February 8, 2016, the press reported that the SWRCB’s Prosecutor, Andrew Tauriainen, claimed that the subpoenas were “baseless,” suggesting BBID manufactured the facts supporting the subpoenas.

On February 11, 2016, the SWRCB and its Prosecutor responded separately to the subpoenas issued by BBID. The responses provide that the SWRCB does not possess any documents responsive to the subpoena. The SWRCB’s Prosecutor also states that BBID’s request was “unsubstantiated,” and was issued to “harass and distract” the State’s prosecution team.

With no information available from the SWRCB regarding this apparent request for a background check of Mr. Kagehiro, BBID will request that the California Department of Justice conduct an investigation to determine whether a background check on any other BBID elected board members and/or general manager was sought by anyone at the SWRCB.

“This is a clear abuse of power by a state regulatory agency that has gone rogue,” said BBID General Manager Rick Gilmore. “In addition to an investigation by the Attorney General, BBID will call upon the legislature to conduct legislative hearings into the SWRCB’s conduct.

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Indemnification Agreement Reached Between BBID, Mountain House Community Services District

Byron, CA (June 7, 2016) – Byron-Bethany Irrigation District General Manager Rick Gilmore issued the following statement:

“Today an indemnification agreement was reached in principle between Byron-Bethany Irrigation District and Mountain House Community Services District. The agreement will allow water to keep flowing to the Mountain House community by ensuring that Mountain House will accept financial responsibility for any fines or penalties associated with the provision of their water while the state-ordered curtailments remain in place. Without this agreement, BBID would have been forced to shut off water to Mountain House at 12:01am Tuesday, June 23.

While the agreement allows BBID to meet Mountain House’s immediate needs, farmers in the region and the communities that depend upon them still face unprecedented potential impacts to their livelihood as a result of curtailment.”